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University of Waterloo Earth Sciences Museum    The Earth Sciences Museum has displays of minerals, gems, fossils, dinosaurs and more!  Check out their website to see all they offer (hint: two of our favorite links are Resources and Exhibits).  While the museum is currently closed due to Covid, you can explore the outdoor  Peter Russell Rock Garden  year round.

GeoTime Trail Located in the west side of Waterloo (Sundew Dr. near Mayapple St), the GeoTime Trail is a 4+ km trail through field and woods.  As you walk, the trail describes major geologic events in our history using interpretive signs.   Each metre of the trail represents a million years of passage of geologic time.  Learn about Earth’s history as you stretch your legs.

Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Just a short distance away is the ROM located in downtown Toronto.  The ROM’s Natural History galleries include world famous displays of rocks, minerals, gems, jewelry, meteorites, fossils, dinosaurs and more!  Much of the collection can be viewed online.

Central Canadian Federation of Mineralogical Societies The “Federation” is an association of over 20 clubs, including the KWGMC, in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba focused on rocks, minerals, and the lapidary arts.

Mindat is the world’s largest open database of minerals, rocks, meteorites and the localities they come from. It is free to use and features information on over 5,000 mineral species, over 360,000 localities and over 1 million photos.  Mindat is the place to go to if you are looking for more information about rocks and minerals, gems or fossils, or the localities they come from. The KWGMC proudly sponsors Mindat’s page for the Dundas Quarry.

Brite Co. – Rocks, Minerals & Precious Stones Anna and her mother found our resources page quite helpful. They reached out to us and let us know about this link. Lot of great general information as well as links to other sites with even more info. Thanks Anna!